The Day Before the Interview: What To Do

You’ve been preparing for (not to mention worrying about) your medical school admissions interview for months… and now the day is almost here.  What should you do the day before the interview?

1) Make sure you know where you are going and when to arrive. Oftentimes the logistics of actually making it to the interview can be lost in the chaos of your preparation.  But the last thing you want to do is have trouble finding the location the day of the interview—you risk showing up late, and even if you are on time, chances are you’ll be flustered.  So make sure you know exactly where you are going, and when you are going to arrive.  Remember to account for unexpected delays like bad traffic and even car trouble.  Plan to arrive well before the start time so that you have plenty of time in case things go wrong! 

2) Double check your wardrobe. By now you should have decided on your wardrobe and gotten it dry cleaned if necessary.  But take the time to try it on once more and make sure everything looks great!  And then, be sure to hang it up carefully so that you don’t end up with last-minute wrinkles.

3) Clear up any last minute questions you may have. Have you thoroughly researched the background of the school you are interviewing for?  Are there any questions that have come up over the last couple of weeks that you haven’t yet answered?  Take this time to carry out any last minute research so that you can walk into the interview confident that you truly know your stuff!

4) Run through your answers to expected questions one more time. Don’t spend much time on this—by now you should have practiced your answers to every imaginable question many times.  But going through the process one last time should help you feel relaxed, as well help keep the material fresh in your mind.

5) Relax! Yes, this advice is often difficult to follow.  But the reality is that you have spent weeks if not months preparing for this day—and last minute cramming is not going to help you.  What will help you is if you can clear your mind and relax.  Trust me, a student who is able to walk into their interview confident and relaxed is at a great advantage.  Read a book, watch a movie, play video games… whatever it takes to get your mind off the interview tomorrow! 

Your interview is a big deal.  But you have done a great job over the last several weeks and months of preparing for an excellent performance.  Run over the final details early in the day and make sure you are fully prepared and ready for the big day… but then spend the rest of the day relaxing and clearing your mind.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like any further information or advice.  You are going to do great… good luck!


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