Most of you have probably heard the old Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”   For those of you who have the ambition to be a doctor, the journey to your dream right now might seem longer than those thousand miles.

But that first step is necessary – and it must be the right step to get you where you want to go.

Let me introduce myself – my name is Dr. Paul Toote and this is my first blog on behalf of my company, National Premed Consulting, of which I am President and CEO.  I created National Premed Consulting to help you be more surefooted on this long journey and also to ensure you reach your destination.

Today, I am a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician – but I, too, was once where you are right now.  It was a place I called “almost land” – because I was almost a medical student.    If you’re in “almost land” yourself, I’d like to give you some insight into how to leave that frustrating location and make it all the way to the land of “being.”

First, congratulations on your dogged determination to make your dream a reality.  Here are the most important steps to make that happen:

STEP 1 – Find out exactly what you need to do to become a medical student and a physician, and do everything you can to fulfill those requirements.

STEP 2 –   Work on understanding what exactly will enable you to pass the admissions process of the medical schools you want to attend.

STEP 3 – Talk to other students pursuing a similar goal and discuss with them how they intend to accomplish that goal.

STEP 4 – Dedicate 30 minutes of every day to doing something or uncovering information that will help you get into medical school.

STEP 5 – Talk to someone who has gained admission to a medical school to get their feedback on how they did it.

Every day can bring you closer to your goal, if you continue to take the proper steps.  Good luck and please check out our website at NATIONALPREMEDCONSULTING.COM for more information about how to do the proper premed preparation and how to get into medical school.


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