Attention Premed Students: Four Strategies for Reduced Stress

As a premed student, stress is an unavoidable part of life. Academics, volunteer hours, extracurricular activities—it all adds up. Unfortunately, many students don’t manage stress well—and struggle as a result. While stress can’t be completely avoided, below are four strategies to help you manage it effectively:

1) Stay organized. Nothing is worse than knowing that you are behind, or that you are forgetting something—but having no idea what that thing is. Keeping an organized agenda and to-do list doesn’t guarantee that you will always get everything done, but it does ensure that you will at least know what must be done.

2) Prioritize. Too many students spend their time inefficiently. Prioritization should be a daily and weekly task—identify the most important activities each day and each week, and spend your time accordingly.

3) Keep your studies in perspective. Trust me, I understand the pressure of the medical school application process. Nothing is more important, for most premed students, than getting into the medical school of their choice. But as the stress piles up, take a few moments to achieve the right perspective. You’re young. You’re healthy. You’ve got a vibrant mind. No matter how important that upcoming exam feels now, I promise you that in 50 years, it will be a distant memory—if you remember it at all.

4) Stay healthy. Most premed students deal with the time demands they are facing by sacrificing sleep and exercise. In the short run, this may pay dividends—but over the course of a semester, it will come back to bite you. Staying healthy, both physically and mentally, is critical. Get plenty of sleep and plenty of exercise so that you have the energy you need for the long haul. Getting into medical school is tough enough—don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Stress is inevitable for premed students. But that doesn’t mean it has to dominate your life. Keep these stress management tips in mind as you pursue your studies. For more information, contact me today!



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