Keys to Med School Application Success: Self Confidence

Ask yourself these questions: Do you believe you’re going to get into the medical schools you are applying to?  Do you believe that you are going to have a fulfilling career in the medical field?  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, it is time for an intervention!  That’s because self-confidence is not optional during medical school, or for that matter during the application process.  Countless studies have proven that individuals are more likely to succeed at a given task if they believe they are going to be successful.  The med school application process is very competitive—you need every advantage you can get a hold of, including self-confidence.  Today I’m going to cover some of my favorite tips for bolstering your confidence levels.

1)     Remember that you’ve gotten this far. Think about your academic career to date.  You completed numerous projects and reports during high school and your undergraduate college career.  You gained admission into college.  You maintained a strong GPA throughout most of your academic career.  Compared to everything you’ve accomplished so far, the medical school application process isn’t as insurmountable as it may sometimes appear.  You’ve gotten this far—and you have what it takes to go the rest of the way.

2)     Attack your fears. Are you fearful of public speaking?  Take courses, or participate in a public club or group.  If the prospect of interviewing for admission to medical schools makes you nervous, find friends or family willing to participate in mock interviews.  By addressing your fears you can turn weaknesses into strengths—and you gain the confidence that comes with overcoming challenges.

3)     Don’t let rejection or bad news get you down. Throughout the course of applying to medical schools, it is inevitable that you will face setbacks.  When you do, get back on your feet and press on.  As William Brown said, “Failure is an event, never a person.”

Self confidence is essential when you’re attempting something difficult.  If you don’t believe you are going to succeed, you’re actively reducing your chances for success.  If you’re going to gain admittance to the medical schools you’re dreaming of (and you are!), it’s important to start by believing in yourself.


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