Managing a Retake of a Course: Improvement is Key

Managing a Retake of a Course: Improvement is Key

It happened. Despite your hard work and studying, you received a less-than-stellar grade in one of your classes. Unfortunately this grade is in a medical school pre-requisite class and you now have to retake the course. Here are a few tips which may help lessen the negative impact on your chances to get into medical school.

It is imperative that you do well in the repeat class. If that means attending study sessions or getting additional help like a tutor, you should embrace those options. You have to show that you grasped the subject matter and that you figured out – and corrected – whatever problem caused you to struggle during your first encounter with the material.

You also have to be ready to explain what happened. The medical school will average the two grades together so a retake will not totally erase an earlier poor grade. Be ready to logically explain why you received a disappointing mark and what you did to correct the issue. Medical school admissions committees appreciate premed student growth and upward trends.

Lastly, you have to be able to forgive yourself. There is no reason to continually beat up on yourself about having to repeat a course. Allow yourself a period of time to be upset, and then you focus your energy on achieving a better grade in the repeat course. As long as it does not become a habit, a repeated course should not finish your medical school dreams.

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