Premed Students: Earning a Leadership Role

For medical school admissions committees, experience with leadership positions shows that you have some of the characteristics necessary to be a successful medical student. To that end, you have been active in several organizations as a premed student. But, how do you move into a role that gives you the chance to show your skills?

First, decide which leadership position you would like to have. If you want to be a resident advisor, you should investigate what steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal. You don’t necessarily want to hold management roles in every group or organization, so determine which group you might be most effective in.  This gives you the best opportunity to shine.

You also have to show an interest in the organization and participate in activities. Being an absentee member and then deciding to run for president of a group will not win you any fans. If you are working in a clinic, you have to be attentive and willing to learn.

Work your way up the ladder. Be willing to help out in less prominent roles within the organization and show your skills. Even though your schedule may be packed, you should set aside some time to assist in different projects. Your fellow members will appreciate that effort.

After you have demonstrated interest, enthusiasm, and a will to work, you are in a great position to begin moving into leadership roles. You can ask your mentor physician to give you more responsibility or ask your fellow volunteers to support your interest in more demanding positions. You have laid the foundation for leadership – take advantage of it.

For more information about leadership and the premed student, visit National Premed Consulting.



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