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The most difficult part of becoming a doctor is the medical school admission process.  Less than half of all applicants are accepted – mostly because they don’t have any idea of what medical schools are really after in a student candidate.

That’s the need National Premed Consulting was created to meet.

Dr. Paul Toote, D.O., in working with young medical residents at the clinics and hospitals in which he serves as an Emergency Medicine Physician, found he enjoyed helping and educating those  with dreams of becoming a doctor – and decided to expand his influence to those at the all-important beginning of the process, instead of near its end.

Dr. Toote realized that most premed students concentrated only on taking the appropriate premed courses and getting the best grades possible – which every single other premed student also does.  From Dr. Toote’s own experience with the medical school admission process, he knew that creating a well-rounded academic and social persona, as well as crafting a stellar personal statement, was just as important as high GPAs and MCAT scores – if not more so.

To stand out in the medical schools’ admission process requires a specialized knowledge of exactly what the decision-makers are looking for.  Gaining access to that specialized knowledge takes insiders such as Dr. Paul Toote and the staff of National Premed Consulting, which gives the company its unique edge in its premed coaching services.

Offering everything from one-on-one counseling sessions to weekly webinars and newsletters, as well as a full array of individual services, National Premed Consulting gives first-class guidance that enables a premed candidate to build an impressive premed academic program and surpass the other applicants during the medical school admissions process.

National Premed Consulting’s results-oriented approach and personal commitment to their clients’ success has meant many happy outcomes for premed students and their families.



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“I am a freshman here at UTA, and I really enjoyed your lecture. I like how you are so realistic about the application process and med school admissions. You got me on the same page as you by using your encouraging and understanding tone. I definitely will use your advice!” A. I.

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