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June 2011 Newsletter

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  1. Welcome!
  2. Self Discipline: Without It, Excelling in Medical School is Impossible
  3. Med School Applications: What to do When You Donít Get a Single Interview
  4. Medical School Applications: Tips for Staying Motivated
  5. Premed Insights 101: Communicate Your Strengths
  6. Dr. Paul Toote, Founder of National Premed Consulting, Featured on FOX as Guest on The Brian Tracy Show


Hello and welcome,

Another school year has come to an end. After giving your all to a school year that undoubtedly had its good times and bad times, its ups and downs, A reflective time is indeed in order. Don't reflect too long because it is also time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Some of you will be traveling and others will be enjoying a staycation. Whatever you do, remember to do something that you enjoy.

Once you have recouped from a tough year of school work I want to encourage you to use some of that time focusing on the things that will forward your goal of gaining medical school admission. To help you with this we will be sharing some of our best blogs and articles, so read and enjoy.

Included will be the articles on Medical School Applicants: Tips for staying motivated and Premed insights 101: Communicate Your Strengths. We will also share our popular blog Self Discipline: Without It, Excelling in Medical School is Impossible and the blog Med school Application: What to do when You donít Get a Single interview.

I'm also excited to announce the arrival of our YouTube channel (premedcoach) and Podcast (Medical School Admission). The Podcast can be found in itunes under the search of Dr. Paul Toote. Also our Podcast is ranked # 10 in the world on Podomatic under the category of Higher Education. After only be online for 10 days. Amazing! Ö.. Please check both of these out and tell me what you think.

We will be announcing our exciting and free webinars that will be revealed exclusively on our facebook fan page, I would like to encourage you to become a fan because access codes to our webinars as well as some other exciting offers will be sent exclusively to our fans.

So once again, congrats to you for a job well done and completing another year of school work. You are getting closer and closer to your goal of becoming a doctor.

Success 2 U!!!

Dr. Paul Toote
President & CEO
National Premed Consulting

Latest Blog

Self Discipline: Without It, Excelling in Medical School is Impossible

Students frequently ask me which skills are the most critical for success in medical school. And I tell them that there are too many skills to listóbut that there are several which are far more important than the rest. And arguably the single most important skill for a medical student to possess is self discipline. Without it, it will be virtually impossible to get into...

Med School Applications: What to do When You Donít Get a Single Interview

Youíve done the work. Youíve made it through years of undergraduate study. Youíve put in volunteer hours, youíve studied hard for standardized tests, and youíve submitted many applications. But you havenít gotten any interviews from the schools youíve applied to. So what now...

Latest Article

Medical School Applications: Tips for Staying Motivated

As you probably know (or as you will soon find out!), the medical school application process is long and grueling. Unlike applying for undergraduate admissions, the med school application process is not something that can be done in a couple of months. The sheer number of requirements for admission to most medical schools mean that you will need to begin working well before your senior...

Premed Insights 101: Communicate Your Strengths

Talking about your own strengths is uncomfortable for many people. On one hand, it sometimes feels like bragging and youíre tempted to be modest. On the other hand, itís common to feel nervous when youíre essentially giving a sales pitch about yourself. But the truth is that being able to comfortably tell other about your strong point is a must during the medical school admissions...

Latest News

Premed Consulting Expert, Dr. Paul Toote, was recently seen on FOX and other network affiliates across the country as an expert guest on The Brian Tracy Show.

McKinney, TX Ė June 2, 2011 - McKinney, Tex. Ė June 2, 2011 Ė Dr. Paul Toote, D.O., a top-level emergency medicine physician and founder of National Premed Consulting, a premed consulting company, was recently an expert guest on The Brian Tracy Show...


Success Stories

Wow, first and foremost thank you so much for all your help! You have given me so many great ideas that I've never thought to do!! And thank you so much for being so honest! No one ever is and that's what so refreshing. You have definitely given me my drive to finish all my finals. S. Buotemate

Dr. Toote was amazing. Until today, I thought only the grades necessary to get into medical school. Now, I realize that grades are only the tip of the iceberg and my story is what it's all about. S. Monter Kingsville, Texas

Dr. Toote is a sensational premed speaker. He told us how an average college graduate applies to medical school and then he told us how an above average graduate applies. Everything I knew about the medical school application process was turned upside down. I am grateful for attending his presentation. M. G. Houston, Texas

He is a remarkable speaker and has inspired me beyond belief. I am more motivated than I ever was before. Thank you! P. Morgan Houston, Texas


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